Wesleyan Bookstore Moving Downtown
January 3, 2017 • Nutmeg News

Wesleyan University’s bookstore, as probably anyone from Middletown knows, is moving downtown this year and will be managed by R. J. Julia of Madison. In the event you are one of the few book purchasers who doesn’t know, R. J. Julia is a very successful independent bookseller in a world dominated by online retailers, so their management is a good thing because they can bring the expertise necessary to make it a successful venture. It’s also good for downtown Middletown, which doesn’t have a lot of cultural outlets to keep folks around after they’ve had dinner in one the many restaurants on offer. It’s good for Wesleyan since it cements a relationship between the university and the retail district that’s within walking distance. It should generate energy and activity and bring some liveliness to downtown – again, apart from the restaurants.

It’s a very exciting development and gives us hope for all independent booksellers.

Stay tuned for the May 2017 opening!

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