Book Voyagers
April 28, 2017 • Featured

Every parent wants to see their child succeed and reading together at home is an important place to start. Book Voyagers programs are designed to promote the joy of reading and encourage families to create literature rich home environments. Our experienced program facilitators work with libraries, schools and other community organizations to help parents and children build reading skills and bring stories to life. We use a variety of different program formats, including discussion circles, storytelling, and interactive workshops to immerse the whole family in compelling learning experiences. Hands on activities, like dramatic readings, theater games and writing and drawing exercises, offer new ways for participants to connect with the written word.  Families grow their home libraries through program, as participants receive copies of each Book Voyagers book to keep and enjoy again and again at home for even more featured reading fun!

Book Voyagers encourages a love of literature, promotes critical thinking, and gives children the self-confidence to share their thoughts and opinions with others.

Let Book Voyagers spark some curiosity in your community!

To learn more about Book Voyagers, how it works and how to request a program, please visit

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