October 19-20: National Day on Writing
October 9, 2018 • Nutmeg News

Writing is a critical skill, as critical as reading well and reading deeply. However, writing often takes a back seat to reading development, but they really go hand-in-hand: become a good reader and become a better writer and vice versa. Writing helps us learn, remember, communicate, and give voice to things that matter to us.

That’s why for the past ten years The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) has celebrated the art and act of writing with National Day on Writing with the hashtag #WhyIWrite

This year the act of writing will be celebrated October 19-20, and NCTE has some suggestions for participating:

  • Host a write-in!
  • Create a graffiti board.
  • Cover the sidewalk in powerful words.
  • Conduct a spoken word/poetry slam celebration.
  • Create a recipe book or share recipes online.
  • Submit book reviews via a site like Goodreads.
  • Interview family members and share stories. You
    can record them using something like the
    StoryCorps app.
  • Create a writing gallery walk where viewers can
    stop and admire pieces of writing—either in person
    or virtually.
  • Plan and write out a travel itinerary.

It all counts! It’s all writing.

For more inspiration, check out Why I Write


The National Day on Writing is an initiative of the National Council of Teachers of
English. As October 20 falls on a weekend this year, join us in celebrating both days!

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