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March 19, 2020 • Features & News, Winning Reads

Even in these perilous times we still need a good read, so the Connecticut Center for the Book is recapping winners of the Connecticut Book Awards for your reading pleasure.

We’re using LibraryThing to catalog the collection. You can sign up for free to add and share your collections and find books available for sale or swap through your independent bookseller or via swap services.

Despite the closure of many public libraries you can also still access digital copies of downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, music and even movies! You just need your library card number. If you don’t have a library card, many libraries now offer online application for a card. Check your library online for resources.

Stay safe and keep reading!

UPDATE – April 8, 2020: We urge you to use Bookshop.org if you plan to purchase these books. Connecticut Center for the Book is an affiliate and both the Center and independent booksellers receive a commission on sales. It’s win-win and supports indie book stores.

Link to Bookshop.org list: 2017 Connecticut Book Award Winners 

Learn more about Bookshop.org.

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