Zimmer, Marc

Marc Zimmer is the Jean C. Tempel ’65 Professor of Chemistry at Connecticut College and the author of Glowing Genes, the first popular science book on jellyfish and firefly proteins; IlluminatingDiseases (Oxford University Press 2015); and three books for young adults. His writing has appeared in USA Today and the Los AngelesTimes, and he has been interviewed and quoted in the Economist, Science and Nature. The State of Science is his newest book.

Title by this Author:
  • “The State of Science: What the Future Holds and the Scientists Making It Happen.” Prometheus Books, 2020 (ISBN 978-1633886391).
  • “Solutions for a Cleaner, Greener Planet: Environmental Chemistry.” Twenty First Century Books, Minneapolis, 2019 (ISBN 978-1541519794).
  • “発光する生物の謎 (生命ふしぎ図鑑).” Nishimura Shoten, Matsusaka, 2017 (ISBN 978-4890137725).
  • “Lighting Up the Brain: The Science of Optogenetics.” Twenty First Century Books, Minneapolis, 2018 (ISBN 978-1512427523).
  • “Bioluminescence Nature and Science at Work.” Twenty First Century Books, Minneapolis, 2016 (ISBN 978-1467757843).
  • “Illuminating Disease.” Oxford University Press, New York, 2015. (ISBN 978-0199362813)
  • “Glowing Genes: A Revolution in Biotechnology.” Prometheus Books, Amherst, New York, 2005. (ISBN 1-59102-253-3).
  • “光る遺伝子 オワンクラゲと緑色蛍光タンパク質GFP (単行本).” Maruzen Publishers, Tokyo, 2009. (ISBN 978-4621080948).

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