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A bilingual poet and translator, Jonas Zdanys is the author of fifty-three books: collections of his own poetry, written in English or in Lithuanian, and volumes of his translations into English of Lithuanian poetry and fiction. He has received a number of prizes, book awards, writing and travel grants, and public recognitions for his own poetry and for his translations. They include Lithuania’s Jotvingiai Prize and the National Prize for Literary Translation, major national awards for poetry and for translation given by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture; two Pushcart Prize nominations; and grants from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the International Research and Exchanges Board/National Endowment for the Humanities. He is a graduate of Yale and earned a Ph.D. in English from the State University of New York, where he studied with Robert Creeley, among other writers.  He has taught at the State University of New York and at Yale University, where he held a number of administrative positions, and served for more than a decade as the state of Connecticut’s Chief Academic Officer. He is currently Professor of English and Poet in Residence at Sacred Heart University.

Title by this Author:

Poems in English

The Angled Road, Collected Poems 1970-2020. (Beaumont: Lamar University Press 2020).

Early Poems, 1966-1969.  (New York: Black Spruce Press 2020)

Notebook Sketches. Poems and Drawings. (Chicago: Virtual Artists Collective 2019).

Three White Horses: Still Lifes. Poems by Jonas Zdanys. Paintings by Sou Vai Keng. (Beaumont: Lamar University Press, 2017).

St. Brigid’s Well. (Chicago: Purple Flag Press, 2017).

Red Stones.  Poems. Paintings by Steven Schroeder. (Beaumont: Lamar University Press, 2016).

Cormorants.   (Boston: Timberline Press 2013).

The Kingfisher’s Reign. Prose Poems. (Chicago: Virtual Artists Collective 2012)

The Thin Light of Winter: New and Selected Poems. (Chicago: Virtual Artists Collective 2009)

Salt. (Chicago: Virtual Artists Collective 2007)

The Woman on the Bridge. (Chicago: Virtual Artists Collective 2005)

The White City.  (New Haven: Branford College Press and Jonathan Edwards College Press 2004).  Illustrated by Kristina Zdanys.

White. (New Haven: The White Birch Press and The Carl Purington Rollins Press, Yale School of Art 2004)

Lithuanian Crossing.  Prose Poems.  (New Haven: The White Birch Press and The Carl Purington Rollins Press, Yale School of Art 1999)

Water Light.  New and Selected Poems.  (Vilnius: Vaga Publishers Ltd. 1997).

The White Bend of the River. Poems. Drawings by Mykolas Malkovas.  (New Haven: Patrick Schreiber and The Carl Purington Rollins Press, Yale School of Art 1994).

The Metaphysics of Wolves. Poems. Drawings by Mykolas Malkovas (New Haven: The White Birch Press 1994).

Maine Aubade. (New Haven: Appletree Chapbooks 1990).

Voice on an Anthill.  (New York: Manyland Books 1982).

Poems in English and Lithuanian

Two Voices/Du Balsai. Jonas Zdanys and Kornelijus Platelis. (Chicago: Purple Flag Press, 2017).

Preliudai po lietaus / Preludes After Rain.  (Macau, China and Markwell, Australia: Flying Island Books, ASM, and Cerberus Press 2017)


Poems in Lithuanian

Ikaro prisikelimas.  (Vilnius: Lietuvos Rašytoju Sajungos Leidykla 2014).

Tarpdury.  (Vilnius: Lietuvos Rašytoju Sajungos Leidykla 2008).

Dumu stulpai.  (Vilnius: Lietuvos Rašytoju Sajungos Leidykla 2002).

Dotnuvos stoty.  Poems in Lithuanian.  (Vilnius: Vaga Publishers Ltd. 1999)

Aušros Daina.  (Kaunas: Spindulys/Santara 1993).



Alternating Masks: Selected Poems of Kornelijus Platelis. (New York: Black Spruce Press   2021).

Invocations of Light: Poems by Valdas Aušra.  (Brooklyn: Grey Willow Press 2020)

Solitary Architectures: Selected Poems of Kornelijus Platelis. (Beaumont: Lamar University Press 2014)

Artistic Cloning: Poems by Agne Zagrakalyte.. (Chicago: Virtual Artists Collective 2010)

Kornelijus Platelis: Haiku.  (New Haven: Pierson College Press of Yale University 2007).  Illustrated by Joanna Zdanys.

Icchokas Meras: Stalemate.  (New York: Other Press 2005).

Emptiness: Poems by Vytautas P. Bloze. (Vilnius: Vario Burnos 2005)

Zones: Poems by Kornelijus Platelis. (Chicago: Virtual Artists Collective 2004)

Five Lithuanian Women Poets.(Vilnius: Vaga Publishers Ltd 2002)

Inclusions in Time: Selected Poems by Antanas A. Jonynas. (Vilnius: Lietuvos Rašytoju  Sajungos Leidykla 2002)

Silk: Poems by Nijole Miliauskaite. (Vilnius:  Vario Burnos 2002)

@ and Other Poems by Kornelijus Platelis. (Vilnius: Vario Burnos 2002).

Snare for the Wind: Selected Poems of Kornelijus Platelis. (Vilnius: Vaga Publishers Ltd. 1999).

The Theology of Rain: Selected Poems of Alfonsas Nyka-Niliunas. (Vilnius: Vaga Publishers Ltd and Lithuanian PEN 1999)

Smoke From Nothing: Poems by Vytautas P. Bloze. (Philadelphia: The Pine Press 1998).

Four Poets of Lithuania: Vytautas P. Bloze, Sigitas Geda, Nijole Miliauskaite, Kornelijus Platelis. (Vilnius: Vaga Publishers Ltd. 1995).

Chimeras in the Tower: Selected Poems of Henrikas Radauskas.  (Middletown: Wesleyan University Press 1986). Recorded, Talking Books for the Blind 1988.

Leonardas Andriekus: Eternal Dream. (New York: Franciscan Fathers Press and Manyland Books 1980).

Icchokas Meras: Stalemate.  (New York: Lyle Stuart; Toronto: General Publishing Co.; Tel Aviv: Michaelmark Books 1980).

Sigitas Geda: Songs of Autumn.  Translated by Jonas Zdanys (Pittsburgh: The Slow Loris Press 1979).

Selected Post-war Lithuanian Poetry.  (New York: Manyland Books 1979).

Brone Martin: Reality and Dream & The Wandering Seagull. (New York: Privately printed, 1979).

Jurgis Gliauda: Agony. (New York: Manyland Books 1977).


Unlocking the Word. An Anthology of Found Poetry. Edited by Jonas Zdanys. (Beaumont: Lamar University Press 2018).

Pushing the Envelope: Epistolary Poems. Edited by Jonas Zdanys. (Beaumont: Lamar University Press 2015)

Yale 1972: Twenty-five Years Out.  Edited by Jonas Zdanys.  (New Haven: Yale University 1997).

Yale 1972: Twenty-Five Years Out, A Supplement   Edited by Jonas Zdanys (New Haven: Yale University 1997).

True Fellowship in All Its Glory: Remembrances of C.S.P.  Jonas Zdanys and Stephen S. Gurney, Editors.  (New Haven: Kingsley Trust Association 1992)


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