Spignesi, Stephen

Author & retired University of New Haven Practitioner in Residence Stephen Spignesi writes extensively about popular culture and history and is considered a world authority on Stephen King, The Beatles, the Titanic, Robin Williams, Woody Allen, Elton John, The Andy Griffith Show, ER, and other pop culture subjects and TV shows. His other areas of interest include American history, the US Presidents and Founders, true crime, UFOs, and the paranormal. Spignesi was christened “the world’s leading authority on Stephen King” by Entertainment Weekly magazine and has taught the courses, “The New Gothic Horror of Stephen King” and “100 Years of Titanic” at UNH. He appears in the 2002 A&E Biography of Stephen King, and the 2015 ITV documentary Autopsy: Robin Williams. His biography J.F.K. Jr. was a New York Times bestseller. His first novel Dialogues was hailed as a “reinvention of the psychological thriller.” He lectures about his books throughout Connecticut at libraries, historical societies, and schools.

Title by this Author:
• Mayberry, My Hometown
• The Complete Stephen King Encyclopedia
• The Stephen King Quiz Book, Vols 1 & 2
• The Woody Allen Companion
• The Official “Gone With the Wind” Companion
• The V. C. Andrews Trivia and Quiz Book
• What’s Your “Mad About You” IQ?
• The Gore Galore Video Quiz Book
• What’s Your “Friends” IQ?
• The Celebrity Baby Name Book
• The “ER” Companion
• J.F.K. Jr.
• The Robin Williams Scrapbook
• The Italian 100
• The Beatles Book of Lists
• Young Kennedys: The New Generation
• The Lost Work of Stephen King
• The Complete Titanic
• How To Be An Instant Expert
• She Came In Through the Kitchen Window
• The USA Book of Lists
• The UFO Book of Lists
• The Essential Stephen King
• The Cat Book of Lists
• The Hollywood Book of Lists
• Gems, Jewels, & Treasures
• Catastrophe!
• In the Crosshairs
• Crop Circles: Signs of Contact (with Colin Andrews)
• The 100 Best Beatles Songs
• The Weird 100
• American Firsts
• What’s Your Red, White & Blue IQ?
• Dialogues: A Novel of Suspense
• George Washington’s Leadership Lessons
• Second Homes for Dummies (with Bridget McRae)
• From Michelangelo to Mozzarella: The Italian IQ Test
• Native American History for Dummies
• Lost Books of the Bible for Dummies
• The Third Act of Life (with Jerome Ellison)
• The Titanic for Dummies
• Grover Cleveland’s Rubber Jaw
• 635 Things I Learned from The Sopranos
• 499 Facts About Hamilton and the Founding Fathers
Dr. Bizarro’s Eclectic Collection of Strange & Unusual Facts
• The Big Book of UFO Facts, Figures & Truth
• Stephen King: American Master
• Elton John: Fifty Years On

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