Merritt, Donna Marie

Donna Marie Merritt is the author of six poetry books, most recently No Winter Maintenance: Pass At Your Own Risk (2017, YBK), along with We Walk Together (2015, Beech Hill Publishing) and Her House and Other Poems (2013, Stairwell Books). She is also the author of the Poetry for Tough Times series: What’s Wrong with Ordinary? (2012), Cancer, A Caregiver’s View (2011), and Job Loss, A Journey in Poetry (2010), all from Avalon Press.

Merritt’s poems have appeared in magazines, school reading programs, and American Library Association’s Book Links, along with several anthologies, including Yale Medical Group’s Caduceus, vols. 9 and 10 (2013, 2012), the Garbanzo Literary Journal, vol. 5 (2015), and for children, National Geographic’s The Poetry of Us (2018), Nat Geo’s Book of Nature Poetry (2015), and Little, Brown’s One Minute Till Bedtime (2016).

In addition, she is the author of 17 children’s books, including Teensy Meensy Mice, illustrated by Ed Heck (2018, MacLaren-Cochrane), Hush That Hullabaloo, illustrated by Chris Demarest (2017, MacLaren-Cochrane), and Too-Tall Tina, illustrated by Liza Woodruff (2005, Kane Press)

Title by this Author:

No Winter Maintenance
We Walk Together
Her House and Other Poems
Teensy Meensy Mice
Hush That Hullabaloo
Too-Tall Tina

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