Granucci, Tarn

Tarn Granucci is a highly regarded community leader and accomplished businessman. Tarn is also a gifted poet and writer. An active member of Wallingford’s Saturday Mornings with Poetry collective, Tarn has participated in national poetry conferences run by Robert Bly, noted American poet, author, activist and leader of the mythopoetic men’s movement. Tarn has delivered a number of standing room only presentations about the history of Wallingford. His latest book, “Legendary Locals of Wallingford,” was released by the History Press in September 2015.

Poetry and literature have been mainstays in Tarn’s life from his earliest days. His mother read classic poetry aloud to the family while he was growing up. His Aunt Mary Crews has been a published poet, writer, and writing teacher for over 40 years in Charlotte, NC. His sister, Alison Granucci, is an agent to poets and writers, including several of the United States Poets Laureate.

Title by this Author:

Legendary Locals of Wallingford

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