Books + Arts = Fun!
March 15, 2018 • Nutmeg News

Connecticut Center for the Book is very excited to partner with the Center for Contemporary Printmaking and Creative Arts Workshop at the April 21, 2018 Makers Faire in Westport! This year’s theme for the event is #WeAreConnecticut and will highlight the people, places and organizations that make Connecticut a great place to live and work.

“We are looking for creative people who want to share their energy and talents with others,” says Mark Mathias, Founder and Co-Chair of Maker Faire Westport. “We are inviting artists, musicians, engineers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, businesspeople, comedians and creative people of all ages and backgrounds to inspire attendees with what we as humans can do.”

“Our expanded venues and multiple stages will give makers the opportunity to not only have space to engage our attendees, but be on stages to speak about, demonstrate and interact with interested, curious people,” says Alex Giannini, Manager of Experiential Learning at the Westport Library and Co-Chair of Maker Faire Westport.

The Center’s booth will highlight the art of making books. Center director Lisa Comstock says “A book is made up of many parts aside from the actual creative process of writing, which is very important, of course, or there would be no book. But to bring it to the public as a concrete thing there is paper, cover design, artwork, layout, and binding, to name just a few elements. You can’t easily separate the writing from the rest.”

To learn more about the Makers Faire movement and the Westport Public Library, please visit here:



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