The Doomsday Book of Medicine with Ralph LaGuardia, MD
June 14, 2016 • Uncategorized

Ralph LaGuardia, MD has been in private practice in Connecticut for over 25 years. He is triple specialized in Internal Medicine, Bariatrics and Geriatrics. In addition to which he practices Integrative Medicine, which is the combination of the best of traditional western medicine with alternative and complementary medical techniques. He has a special interest in nutrition and sustainable gardening and permaculture, which he practices on his Connecticut farm. Dr. LaGuardia also has a strong interest in minerals, trace elements, amino acids and their application in medical practice. He has developed a unique method of treating his patients combining all those elements that has proven to be quite effective.

Dr. LaGuardia’s other passion is survival medicine and what has now become known as “Prepping”. He wrote The Doomsday Book of Medicine to answer a void in the survival books that were out there. They mostly are just advanced first aid manuals, loaded with impractical advice such as “You need to call poison control, or you need anti-venom, or his favorite … you need to stockpile your medications. Well, how exactly do you do any of those things when there is no electricity, telephones and infrastructure left functioning? How do you stockpile your meds when insurance companies count every pill, and even if you could, what do you do when that supply is exhausted? Out of his frustration grew this over 900 page book which supplies the reader with the skills to treat everything from a simple fever to snakebites and broken bones.

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