Kayne, Sheryl

I’m Sheryl Kayne, writer, adventurer, performer, educator, and public speaker. I’ve lived in Connecticut since age 19 and raised my children here as well. I literally began writing my first travel book, Immersion Travel USA, and creating the concept of Immersion Travel when I was in elementary school. My father was a traveling salesman and let me ride along on his day trips to service clients. He knew everything imaginable about the people and places; which taught me that there was a lot more to traveling than what I could only see with my eyes. My favorite Immersion Travel Trip of all time was driving to Denali National Park, Alaska from Weston, Connecticut in my Toyota Corolla. I wrote Volunteer Vacations Across America because I wanted people to know we do not have to cross oceans to volunteer. This was the first book of its kind devoted solely to volunteering in the United States with more than 200 trips helping people, communities, wildlife, the environment and national treasures. I also do ghostwriting, book doctoring and editing and have written children’s books, including Queen of the Kisses and Queen of the Kisses Meets Sam Under a Soup Pot, created five national columns; wrote The Weigh It Is food, fitness and diet humor column for the CT Post for twenty years, and contributed to national and international publications and websites. I am currently launching a new series of books “Journaling to Communicate” (with toddlers, adolescents, teens, through difficult times and more). Fully media trained, I’m comfortable in all venues, with large and small groups performing my children’s books for schools and festivals, storytelling to seniors, or facilitating workshops for corporations on business presentation and communication skills. I love all that I do, particularly writing and living here in Connecticut.

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Immersion Travel USA
Volunteer Vacations Across America
Queen of the Kisses

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