Hawk, James W.

James W. Hawk is an author, filmmaker, and photographic artist. He graduated from Cleveland State University with a Mechanical Engineering degree. His early writing experience was corporate-oriented. In recent times, he is the author of CONFLUENCE, WILLARD’S FUNDAMENTAL FORCE, TO beta-VANVERDEN AND BACK, and FAILURE (from the Aleph to Taw series). He is a filmmaker and the principal of HawkMedia Studios, HawkFilme, OldMan Hawk Film, and Aleph to Taw. He has written more than 35 movie scripts. He is a literature and filmmaker colleague of the USVAA (United States Veteran’s Artist Alliance.) Hawk is currently working on several new print projects for the Aleph to Taw series.


Title by this Author:
  • James W. Hawk – Windows on the Universe: A life unscripted, a film yet to be produced – an autobiography (2021)
  • Jenny – She was trying to ease her father’s grief by doing things for him that would give him pleasant memories of his deceased wife. (2021)
  • CONFLUENCE – When her realities coalesce, they transcend the boundaries of reason! (2020)
  • Failure – Future generations would remember me as the father of civilization. (2017)
  • Willard’s Fundamental Force – “…if you want to be in the company of Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, and Einstein.” (2017)
  • To beta-Vanverden and Back – They undertook a momentous intergalactic mission to try to restore the former glory of their civilization. (2016)

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