The Storyteller’s Cottage

The Storyteller’s Cottage
750 Hopmeadow St Simsbury Connecticut 6070

The Storyteller’s Cottage is unique venue for literary events and adventures! Our vintage Victorian house is the home of charming literary events, curious & unconventional literary societies, writer’s retreats, storytelling workshops, unique literary-themed escape rooms, murder mystery parties and more.

Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in your favorite book? Step into a world of imagery, doppelgängers, suspense and foreshadowing at the Storyteller’s Cottage. In our vintage Victorian home filled with antiques, you’ll feel as if you’ve become a character in one of your favorite novels! Whether you join a literary society (book club), participate in an event, or play one of our escape rooms, you’ll feel as if you’re finally home. Quench your thirst for the never-ending story, find your tribe, and celebrate cerebral endeavors in an enchanting setting.

SOCIETIES: The Fairisle Detectives knit passionately in our period “Jane Austen Salon” while parsing the outlandish behavior of the suspects in knitting mystery books like Death by Cashmere. Raising Wizards debate the myriad ways to challenge clever and creative children in our “Mark Twain Steampunk Library.” The Great British Baking Club samples beautiful bakes in our charming English Country Kitchen, then sits by the kitchen fireplace to scrutinize quirky mystery/culinary novels like Tastes Like Murder while the cakes are baking. The Mysterious Pendragon Society (ages 5 – 18) meets in a secret “Medieval Castle” room, accessible only by a door hidden in a bookcase (ideal for their focus on the fantasy genre combined with Live Action Role Playing).

LITERARY EVENTS: Then, when the sun goes down, our Anachronistic Events bring literature to life! Join us at a Murder Mystery Dinner Party set in the Great Gatsby era, or a Steampunk Literary Salon and cocktail party, or a smashing WWII Blitz Party featuring vintage hair and makeup lessons. Our whole historic Victorian manor house is crammed with books and literary atmosphere for your enjoyment as you eat, drink, chat, dance, and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow prose enthusiasts. We even host house-wide 4D drama productions, Victorian magic shows, and “Chamber LARP” (Live Action Role Playing). ​

MYSTERY ROOMS: For even further immersion in your favorite novels, combined with the invigorating thrill of solving mysteries, visit our unique literary-themed Mystery Rooms. Discover why that famous British mystery writer went missing in “The Dame Disappears”, or explore the “Legend of the Fairy Queen”, or join “The Detective’s Dinner Party.” You can even combine an escape game with a birthday tea party or themed snack in our kitchen or dining room. ​

PRIVATE EVENTS: Our charming space is even available for your own private party. Rent your favorite room, or the entire first floor for your Alice in Wonderland teatime bridal shower, or your Velveteen Rabbit vintage baby shower, or your Prohibition costume birthday party, or even your own chamber LARPing event. Your event theme is limited only by your imagination. We’ve got the dishes and decorations; bring your own caterer. At The Storyteller’s Cottage, there’s something for everyone!

Tue, Thur, Fri: 10am-9pm
Wed: 10am-6pm
Sat: 11am-9pm
Sun: 12pm-7pm
750 Hopmeadow St Simsbury Connecticut 6070

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