CT Author Directory Submission

As an affiliate of the Library of Congress we feel it is important that authors represented in the Connecticut Center for the Book author directory must have books available to the public and have at least one book listed in the Library of Congress catalog. (Check here to see if your book is included.)

Information about how to be included in the Library of Congress catalog may be found here.


The Connecticut Center for the Book has developed an online form which we HOPE will streamline the submission process and allow us to get your listing up more quickly. That said, it is a work in progress and will undoubtedly have a glitch or two until the bugs are removed. The plea here is: Patience.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Register as a user! Hang on to your username and password so that you can edit your information in the future whenever you like. The Registration/Login/Logout page is listed in the top navigation bar or you can reach it here.
  2. After you are logged in, select “People” from the “My Dashboard” area. A form will open which you will need to complete. Please note: Because of some idiosyncrasies in the software we are unable to change some of the field names. Don’t enter anything in the “Import Details from Social” field. You should enter your name in the field called “People Title” and your bio in the field called “People Description.”
  3. When you have completed the form and submitted it, it will go into the queue for review. It will not automatically post.